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i want action

i'm back from moondance jam.

as always, it was spectacular. good music, great parties, questionable yet potent drinks, and so much laughing i'm still sore today. and the moondance hangover, she is potent -- after four days spent with a drink in hand, rocking out, then going to parties and/or settin' by the campfire, and alternately reveling in and surviving weather depending on the conditions, it's a little tough to get back to functioning in regular life.

which is why, among other things, i have one hand with trimmed fingernails and one without.

words don't really do justice to the whole experience; fortunately, the old saw about the exchange rate between language and pictures is applicable here. missy's photos and videos are here, and jenni's photos and videos are making their way here. they will not explain everything, but they'll give you an insight into thomas the vicious log, butt quarters, the bitchin' scooter lightning rod and more things than i can recall just now.

more tomorrow, when i have fewer people to bug at work and more brain cells to spare ...
Tags: moondance jam, unbalanced manicure, weekend
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