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here is a thing i did not know: the string of characters that represents a swear word in venues where actually typing out, say, 'fuckshitdonkeyassonarope' isn't appropriate? it's called a grawlix. thanks, brother of prominent music critic sasha frere-jones, for learnin' me this fact.

also, it's fun to say.


anyway, i keep getting busy with work and forgetting to type in here; today, i am less busy with work (marginally) and also the sky looks terrifyingly steven-king-novel-right-before-some-bad-shit-descends dark, and so i'm typing not only to catch up but for my own safety. and additional office light; the all-white screen of the 'post an entry' page is the brightest thing in here.

i was going to type a whole bunch more about moondance, but missy took care of that for me, and all of jenni's photos are now up, so it's pretty much like y'all were there.

since that happened, there has been much else of awesome going on. monday night, there was (finally) new top gear, and then justin morneau won the home run derby despite (a) espn's announcers openly cheering against him because he's boring, (b) josh hamilton nearly putting a couple balls out of yankee stadium (and tiring himself out before the finals) and (c) erin andrews cock-blocking him in the post-derby interview right before the check-presenting guy called him jason. man, what's a giant canadian gotta do to get some respect?

tuesday i was a genius at work and then we headed out to the vast far reaches of the northern burbs, to get jenni's new (and as yet unnamed) car on the road, and see the thunder take on burnley fc in a friendly li'l soccer exhibition. it was a gorgeous night for a game, and we watched the whole thing from pitch level, which was awesome. especially when the team of 14-year-olds sitting behind us the second half decided to become superfans for burnley, and particularly for their goalkeeper, who kept cracking up at a bunch of kids from minnesota cheering for him. all in all, the new thunder stadium's a hell of a place to watch a game, aside from the lack of concessions, the horribly designed parking exits, the fact that it's 35 miles from my house and the relatively shit-ass soccer they've been playing.

once that was done, we headed home and watched the last 47 innings of the all-star game (good old jason morneau, coming through again!) before passing out; after basically sleepwalking through work yesterday, we went and bought everything in target, then came home, downloaded the new hold steady record (holy crap, love it so far), and became uber-domestic (but while drinking, so it's cool) in an effort to rest up for today.

jury on the rested-ness: still out. but i'm functioning.

penultimately but not next-to-least: this screenshot from nba live 09 offers a teaser of the new wolves unis; unfortunately, it also shows marko jaric wearing one, and that is a thing i never need to see again.

and finally: if you've ever worked in any sort of field using stock photography, or just seen an ad for anything marketed even remotely toward college students in the last decade, you know this girl; the fact that she has a blog is basically my reason, today, to love the internet.

hasta la banana, dudes and ladies.
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I'm so surprised you never mentioned the epic picture of my Portillo's hot dog.
and lolz at ur icon
haha! it's from carlos gomez's first great quote of the season. :)

and holy crap, i didn't realize that was portillo's! now i can't go back and look, because i will have to drive to chicago RIGHT THIS SECOND and get one.
During the off-chance of getting to catch a Twins game on TV out here...I always say (and I think it should catch on) "The Most Exciting Player in Baseball Carlos Gomez." A coworker (Brewer fan) didn't really know what I meant....Gomez promptly swang at a pitch, missed, did a somersault...loopty loop and landed on his ass. Then got up and dusted himself off. Bunt single. Stole second. scored on a baby jesus single. <3

I missed that quote though...what's the context?

I thought that the wrapper kind of gave away it's Portillo's-ness..? I dunno. I can read. I went to SCSU ;)
yeah, i'm pretty sure that needs to be the dude's official nickname. and i love that you can introduce the most exciting player in baseball carlos gomez to a new fan, on a completely typical play for him, haha.

sometime in spring training, he mentioned he was 'excited to play with morneau, the catcher, and the other guy' (meaning cuddyer). i've liked the dude ever since.

and i knew they taught you guys to read inside-out up there. :)
I had just told him..."you never know what sort of shit he's going to do...good or bad." *WHIFF* *FALL DOWN* Brilliant.

"Morneau...the catcher...the other guy!" sounds like a Teen Girl Squad icon should be made instead. Strong Bad FTW

Typical Classroom Application was reading the beer labels through the bottles...but it's useful in other instances.
HAHAHA. that couldn't be more perfect. also, i'm now going to picture carlos gomez as strong bad every time i see him.

also, that really is brilliant. grad school, here i come. :)
I sort of feel like I've missed out on the Everywhere Girl, being that I use an iStock account for photos. Damn you, Getty, for making me the Huh? Girl.

Also, that car is definitely a Raoul, or possibly an Enrique. Something that conjures up a mustache and a smirk. So says me.
ah, good old istock -- that actually would have prevented me from knowing about the everywhere girl if i didn't have a few of those shots on an old stock cd. she's the only one worth using, because there are a lot of late-90s henleys and high-waisted jeans up in there.

we've been trying to come up with something that starts with 'el.' 'el raoul' is actually not bad ...
El Dictatore!!!

(That's also my nephew's nickname. He has been trained to salute in a Heil Hitler! every time someone calls him that. It's pretty awesome for a baby.)

(Although it would be even more awesome if he did it while riding high in a saddle on my brother's back.)
OH MAN. thing one: your nephew rules. thing two: so does that name; i'll run it past the girl. thing three: that is the only instance in which the daddle would actually be awesome.
Come now, I can think of at least six other instances in which the Daddle® would be highly awesome. But only two of them involve Creepy Uncle Matt wearing pants.

Also, I hate to say it but the kid is actually pretty cute. Maybe I would return to my regularly scheduled abhorrence if he weren't related to me, but he has a fauxhawk and tattoos and baby hard-ons, so I can't toddla-hate that much.
the problem is the product name, i think. that sort of object could involve a lot of fun ... but not if it's called a daddle. which is unfortunate.

based on like the three things i know about your nephew, now, i can only assume he's one of the few legitimately awesome little kids that exists. they're great, long as they leave at the end of the day.
See, I think the Daddle® name is half the charm. But then, it sounds like a cross between "dad" and "diddle" to me, which has an irony all its own.

And eh, I don't know if my brother's spawn qualifies as awesome, but I will give him the same benefit of the doubt that I give to overly drunk people, hobos and retards: Come talk to me when you're finished shitting your pants.
it does have a certain charm, i suppose. creepy, ironic and weird charm, but i guess that's always worked for, say, perry farrell.

and that's the most useful child-relating advice i've come across in a long time.
HAHAHAHA. I was thinking Ralph Nader, but he was not so much blessed with the charm part.
oh, man. one of these days, perry farrell is going to wake up and discover he's turned into ralph nader. y'know, once he gets to 'get off my lawn!' age.
I can't wait until I reach my Curmudgeonly Fist Shaking Years.
i'm going to get to mine just as soon as i actually have a yard.

actually, i just curmudgeon at people on the sidewalk, now.
I like to point my Curmudgeon at kids engaged in pool-side horseplay and people who don't leash their dogs, personally.


9 years ago

I'm so happy to learn about "grawlix!" Seriously, the neatest little bit o' info I've seen in a while. Thanks!
you're very welcome! i'm at least as excited to know that word as i am to know "aglet."
So the giant-check dude called him Jason and I said, "Well, to be fair, with the past few years of Twins rosters, calling him Jason was a good bet." And then Erin Andrews almost called him Josh! "Joshton" was I think what she came up with. Poor enormous pasty Joshton.
the best part of that whole thing is the fleeting thought of jason bartlett in the home run derby.

well, that, and 'joshton,' which is my new preferred moniker for our pasty giant from the northland.
Forgot the Thunder had the Burnley match on Tuesday. I need to get up to Blaine sometime before the season's out.