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http://view.break.com/546361 - Watch more free videos

i cannot stop watching this. it's the best five seconds of video ever put on the internet. just ... run through it about six times and you'll find yourself in sort of a zen state, where you snort with glee every time it ends, then hit the replay button.


anyway, dudes, how's it going? i've been terrible at this blogging thing lately, partly because i'm a little momentarily burned out on the whole 'typing on the internet' means of self-expression, and partly because i've been ass-busy at work. but, it is a new month, and i'm going to attempt a new-ish leaf.

today, that leaf will not be long, because i'm still a tiny bit hung over, or at least sleepy in a way that coffee is only going so far to fix. as often happens, we had a good idea -- hey, let's go to pub quiz! -- that turned into a better idea -- hey, let's get second place and first place in the two rounds and thus get a bunch of free drinks! -- that, since we started on said drinks at 6pm, turned into a northeast minneapolis bar hop. in the interest of exploring previously unexplored bars, we stopped at the terminal, watched the twins sneak out a win over the bitch sox, and caught a few songs from these guys, who sound like ben folds five and wear matching white vests and pants and are from a town in minnesota that i have literally never heard of.

while there, we also met the smoking-porch hobo, who came in every half-hour, got a beer, and went back out to the smoking porch, where he sat drinking by himself and anyone who happened to wander out there. this also led to the discovery that, while ground zero was closed, the gate to their patio was wide open.

so, cross another bar off the list, and then it was off to jimmy's, where a drink and an order of li'l smokies costs $5, provided you can find the place.

in other words, a long and decidedly excellent way of spending a thursday night; tonight, on the other hand, we'll be joining half the population of minneapolis at the doomtree show, after which i, for one, intend on passing out and not waking up until my desire for toast outweighs my desire for sleep.


oh, one other thing: anyone remember the name of the thing that's along the lines of a snakebite or an indian burn, but that involves taking two fingers, (optionally) licking them, and then smacking someone's forearm? you probably haven't done this since like sixth grade, or last night.
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