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never gonna wake you up

a disappointing thing happened this morning. the evidence is as follows:

1. we are having management meetings here, and thus the kitchen this morning was a mess of coffeepots.
2. my first cup of coffee tasted really bad, even for work coffee.
3. it did not render me considerably more awake than i was when i reluctantly rolled out of bed.

and the conclusion: i got decaf-rolled.

not a good way to start the day, especially when you've been out slightly longer than anticipated the night before, i'll tell you that.

fortunately, these management meetings mean no one in management is available to bug me to "do things," so i'm, to put it charitably, working at my own pace today. a pace which involves plenty of scrabble wordscraper, emailing my girlfriend about car-nerd things, finding cool shit on the internet, and saluting america (probably but marginally worksafe, that).

in other words, a pretty fine hump day despite the iffy and undercaffeinated start. hope y'all are enjoying same, but with maybe a little more energy.
Tags: decaf sucks, workingman's lament
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