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i am currently mired in the midst of a project involving the most convoluted, poorly-thought-out, sloppily-coded website i've ever encountered, and, lest this sisyphean task bring me down anymore, i am taking a break to mention these ten very good things which have nothing to do with this horrible project:

1. just paid all my bills except for two; one's not due, i found out, 'til after my next paycheck, and the other is having website problems.

2. also found out that my electric bill was -$11.08. hooray for accidentally overpaying because something got weird in the transition between paper and online statements!

3. still have beer money.

4. made intensely kick-ass mushroom-cream sauce last night, involving a great deal of butter, a little white wine, garam masala, cinnamon, garlic, an ass-ton of pepper and did i mention the butter? served it over polenta, but, seriously, you could pour it over old cassette cases and it'd make a great dish.

5. have no real plans for this evening other than somehow taking advantage of the fact that it's ridiculously nice out.

6. have plans tomorrow that involve leaving work early, tailgating, watching the vikings preseason game from free and utterly awesome seats, and then after that getting down to maybe some fairly serious postgame tailgating.

7. have plans the next day involving the purchase of rage against the machine tickets, then brunch, then lounging by the lake, then heading over to irish fair for free flogging molly show.

8. have plans for sunday in which i will wish my parents a happy 41st anniversary and then go eat five tortas and watch soccer.

9. still have a third of a bottle of lagavulin at home, at least some of which i intend to hide in my bloodstream later this evening.

10. never have to hear about brett favre again, at least from fawning local sportswriters.

so, all in all, it's a pretty good day.
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I'm debating Rage Against the Machine tickets. Pre-sale is tomorrow morning if you go to 93x.com and get the password.

We just bought tickets to KA at MGM in Vegas. I may have just blown my music and arts budget for the year.
nice. i'll be checking that out, most definitely. and, yeah, i wouldn't pay $60 for most bands, but they're one of the few that i've really always wanted to see and never have.

also, yeah, you're pretty much spent unless you want to hit up maybe a high school orchestra concert somewhere.
your goodthingery is one of the many reasons i love you. and your cooking.
you're very sweet. :)

and, hey, i'm all about the bright side.

even if i do not yet own a mudflap girl football helmet.
can you just buy blank football helmets somewhere? i feel like we should probably make these and wear them tailgating.

...on second thought, though, one of the reasons wendy has to go to the chiropractor may be due to that one time we found two army helmets and ran into walls wearing them. maybe helmets are a bad idea.
i cannot disagree, regardless of health consequences, that we probably need a whole mess of customized helmets. they may occasionally engender poor decisions, but, frankly, we're going to do that anyway. might as well be safe.
i'm just going to take a look at the sporting goods section at target tonight. you know we have to go stare at gophers tailgating stuff every time we go, anyway.
Wendy? Wendy's still alive? I know Cindi is only because I texted her recently. What's up with those ladies...was there some skirmish between them and the Interwebs?
YES! wendy has a new job where she can't really be online during the day, and also she's in loooooooooove. so she's not typing much, but she's still around.

i do believe twitter is the best way to keep track of them now, actually.
ah, yes, that was about the last i heard about wendy's life.

i've not learned how to use twitter. also, i don't have unlimited texting on my phone. i should really be banished from the silicon valley!
But she has to have some bed rest. (She could still lose it. ) She is hardly making it now, money wise.
Amen to No. 10!
it's rare that you wind up relieved when a dude goes from wisconsin to new york because it means *less* media attention. and yet.
Who has two thumbs and is also most likely going to Rage (provided we can secure tickets)? This girl.

The only other times I got to see them was at Lollapalooza '93 and at First Ave. a rilly, rilly, rilly long time ago wherein the entire floor was jumping up and down in unison for about 53 solid minutes. My legs were really sore after that one. If the same is not true of this show, I will be sorely disappointed.
yeah, i'm hoping to hell we can snag tickets. i, alas, lived in south dakota for most of their active career, and they didn't so much tour there, so i have yet to ever see them, which is very sad.

also, i suspect that's about what's going to happen at this show, actually.
4- The description of the mushroom cream sauce made me salivate.

7- I wanna celebrate my Irish heritage at a festival with a free Flogging Molly show!
4: eeeeexcellent. it was fantastic. case you want to whip some up, here's what i did:

-- pan-fry something. anything. take it out of the pan + set aside (preferably in the oven)
-- throw your heat on med-hi, add a little butter if necessary to the pan drippings, and toss in a drained 4oz can of mushrooms (or the real thing)
-- season w/ salt, pepper, a clove or so of minced garlic, ginger, and garam masala
-- toss for about 4 minutes, then dump in 2c milk, 1/2c white wine, and a couple pats of butter
-- season more as needed, and let it cook 'til thickened. i threw some fresh parsley and chives in at the very end, too.
-- pour over whatever you fried. eat. love.
Wow, you went with the Gilbert Arenas icon and didn't even mention that he had a $1 million pool built for himself? and that he got mad when the contractor leaked this information, not because it was leaked, but because he didn't tell everyone about the entire pool?
yeah, i'm trying to keep it on the down-low until i get a spot on the guest list. this may not work so well.
Sorry for blowing your cover.
i'm guessing that whole dan steinberg post about it probably did more damage. sigh.

Deleted comment

oh, it's coming. clear off your entire october, pending more details. :)