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grand old time

say what you will about the republican convention, but the fact that it's in town means i get to see mos def, lupe fiasco, billy bragg, a daily show taping and rage against the machine, live, all over the course of three days. not to mention the strip clubs that are staying open extra hours.

and they say republicans are uncaring.

in other very brief news -- i've got no attention span today, what with the impending tailgate/football game/weekend -- the frugal traveler is my new favorite blog, amber halliday is my new favorite olympian, and friday remains my favorite weekday.

have a fine one, all y'all.
Tags: friday, thanks gop!
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rofl, that's pretty awesome :D

where is that icon from? i love it.
i'm way excited.

and that's weedmaster p from overcompensating, as seen in this very nerdy fan art.

(also responsible for the best shirt ever.)
Just stop it with the awesome music already, MPLS, you're giving me a complex! Damn you rockinest people of the great white north.

I do love that there are strip joints in your town right now advertising extended VIP GOP hours.
Got floor tix for Rage. Maybe we'll see you there? Ha! We're definitely going bar-hopping after, though...to all six bars that have paid the fee to stay open later. Heh.