A Granite Sack and Legs of Log (cashbox) wrote,
A Granite Sack and Legs of Log

party like it's 2009.

hey, dudes: it's the end of the year, in case you hadn't noticed. i will not do an end-of-year recap, since i spent half of yesterday writing a novella about christmas vacation, save to say that 2008 reached levels of awesome that were heretofore scientifically questionable, and that the forecast for 2009 is similar if not more awesome indeed.

oh, and i'll be welcoming the new year much as i did the last: mixing whiskey and champagne and probably either wearing a lampshade, dropping trou, or both.

have a great one, everyone, and we'll see your smiling internet faces on the other side.
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Happy New Year to you and your fab girl! Health, Wealth, Happiness and General Awesomeness, too.

i was just making a mental lists of the stupid hats we have around the house, to decide which i should wear tonight. new year's is not complete without a stupid hat. if the party was at ryan's, i'd be wearing castle greyskull.