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well, i've got this fine monday off, and was about to go do laundry. unfortunately, it appears as though everyone in my building is choosing to honor america's veterans by washing their whites, so that may have to wait a bit.

instead: livejournal. how the hell are y'all? me, i had roughly the best damn first-anniversary weekend humanly possible. we hightailed out of town after an early departure from work on friday and made our way to beautiful mankato for the gopher hockey game against the screaming eagles mavericks of minnesota state. it's always a little intimidating being a road-team fan; fortunately, there were some much more obnoxious gopher fans a section over from us to deflect any potentially aggressive attention from the student section, and, more fortunately, we won.

(and we spent much of the game dying over various quaint traditions at state, including their playing of the soccer 'olé, olé olé olé' song rather than a school song after goals, and the serving of booze at the arena causing old guys to become belligerent. also, cindi elbowed a guy in the crotch, which was the closest any of us got a fight.)

postgame, full of victory and sobriety, we made our way to the 500 pub, where minneapolis's own jack brass band was puttin' it down; we surprised the hell out of mike, their drummer, who's an old co-worker of wendy's, and also rocked out and drank several things we have no need to drink ever again and discussed the differences between lesbians and serbians.

and then got told by holiday inn security to pipe down. this may have been while i was diving on the bed for m&ms.

upon waking up after a very pleasant night's sleep and other things, we found everyone gone but me, jenni and cindi; we then embarked upon a journey to the north mankato happy chef, whose biscuits and gravy rendered me an extraordinarily sleepy driver indeed. nevertheless, we made it home safely, and jenni and i proceeded to nap on the couch until it was time to go visit our beloved golden gophers again, this time in the friendly confines of mariucci arena, where kyle okposo decided (a) he wanted to finish the sweep and (b) he was sick of not scoring goals. and, lo, things were made right, and we hit up nye's for some celebratory cocktails and pieroigi.

and then, as is wont to happen after hockey and cocktails and pierogi and what-have-you, neither jenni nor i really felt like moving one bit yesterday. so we watched the vikings suck, made one brief interruption in couchtime to hit up the movie store, the grocery store, tha wallgreenz and the coffee shop, and spent the majority of the day varying between relaxed, chillaxed and comatose. there was football, and the wild game, and the finale of iron chef america (no spoilers, please, as i know aflamingstar won't get to watch it until thursday!), and, generally, a lot of good preparation for a dude to have a day off.

which i am now relishing, and to which relishment i now return. word.
Tags: anniversary, awesome, hockey, serbians, the happy chef, weekend
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