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here is a thing i did not know: the string of characters that represents a swear word in venues where actually typing out, say, 'fuckshitdonkeyassonarope' isn't appropriate? it's called a grawlix. thanks, brother of prominent music critic sasha frere-jones, for learnin' me this fact.

also, it's fun to say.


anyway, i keep getting busy with work and forgetting to type in here; today, i am less busy with work (marginally) and also the sky looks terrifyingly steven-king-novel-right-before-some-bad-shit-descends dark, and so i'm typing not only to catch up but for my own safety. and additional office light; the all-white screen of the 'post an entry' page is the brightest thing in here.

i was going to type a whole bunch more about moondance, but missy took care of that for me, and all of jenni's photos are now up, so it's pretty much like y'all were there.

since that happened, there has been much else of awesome going on. monday night, there was (finally) new top gear, and then justin morneau won the home run derby despite (a) espn's announcers openly cheering against him because he's boring, (b) josh hamilton nearly putting a couple balls out of yankee stadium (and tiring himself out before the finals) and (c) erin andrews cock-blocking him in the post-derby interview right before the check-presenting guy called him jason. man, what's a giant canadian gotta do to get some respect?

tuesday i was a genius at work and then we headed out to the vast far reaches of the northern burbs, to get jenni's new (and as yet unnamed) car on the road, and see the thunder take on burnley fc in a friendly li'l soccer exhibition. it was a gorgeous night for a game, and we watched the whole thing from pitch level, which was awesome. especially when the team of 14-year-olds sitting behind us the second half decided to become superfans for burnley, and particularly for their goalkeeper, who kept cracking up at a bunch of kids from minnesota cheering for him. all in all, the new thunder stadium's a hell of a place to watch a game, aside from the lack of concessions, the horribly designed parking exits, the fact that it's 35 miles from my house and the relatively shit-ass soccer they've been playing.

once that was done, we headed home and watched the last 47 innings of the all-star game (good old jason morneau, coming through again!) before passing out; after basically sleepwalking through work yesterday, we went and bought everything in target, then came home, downloaded the new hold steady record (holy crap, love it so far), and became uber-domestic (but while drinking, so it's cool) in an effort to rest up for today.

jury on the rested-ness: still out. but i'm functioning.

penultimately but not next-to-least: this screenshot from nba live 09 offers a teaser of the new wolves unis; unfortunately, it also shows marko jaric wearing one, and that is a thing i never need to see again.

and finally: if you've ever worked in any sort of field using stock photography, or just seen an ad for anything marketed even remotely toward college students in the last decade, you know this girl; the fact that she has a blog is basically my reason, today, to love the internet.

hasta la banana, dudes and ladies.
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