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i believe that every weekend should be as full of hip-hop, baseball, lounging and bars as this one was. by the numbers:

1,000: approximate number of people surrounding us at the doomtree cd release show, which was intensely awesome even from our spot at the back by the bar.

950: approximate number of times i got hit in the kidney by a hipster girl's damn giant purse at said show; it's a mark of doomtree's awesomeness that this did not send me into any sort of blind, hulk-like rage.

1: number of baseball games attended this weekend. also, number of times i've now seen the twins lose in person this season. also, number of victories francisco liriano now has in the majors on his comeback trail. also, rank of the twins, as of today, in the american league central. never saw that comin'.

6: number of episodes of ewan mcgregor's long way 'round we watched over the weekend, and, damn, i can't believe i'd never seen it before. two dudes ridin' their motorcycles around the world, via some of the worst roads in said world, and it's really, really great. we've got one episode left; fortunately, their second trip -- scotland to africa -- has commenced, and given me one reason and one reason only to watch the fox reality channel.

10: number of minneapolis's bars we've been to since thursday night, a number which bespeaks general awesomeness and which also indicates tonight just might be an evening in. after all, we've gotta rest up for friday's vikings preseason game -- at which we will be tailgating in midseason form, i have no doubt -- and saturday's flogging molly show at irish fair (any of y'all going?).


and now, back to work, where i will have to do about three things all day, while lamenting the fact that i am currently wearing a pink polo shirt that's just small enough to accentuate the ol' midsection a little too much, thus rendering me a comb-over and bad glasses away from looking like middle-aged man. ah, well, y'take the good with the bad, right?
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August 4 2008, 15:34:51 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  August 4 2008, 15:36:20 UTC

I've been meaning to catch that Ewan McGregor show. good to hear that somebody else I know likes it. They were doing some kind of showing of it in movie theaters too, I think.
oh, yeah, they did a one-night-only showing of the scotland-to-africa one, which just started airing on tv as well.
It sucks when you have to "defend yourself" at shows. I had to keep kicking these kids with my pointy shoes at a Mustard Plug show 'cause they wouldn't stop skanking into me. Another trick I like to do is carry a Sharpie. If I get behind one of those people that can't control their balance, I uncap the Sharpie and hold it in front of me. Oh man, how'd that Sharpie get all over their shirt?
I think my favourite incident was at a U of M football game. My friend Amber and I were TRYING to watch the Wolverines kick the shit outta Penn State, but this WHOREANUS kept standing on the bleachers and falling back into Amber. The first five or so times, Amber just put her hands out to prevent the girl from falling. Then, Amber (total make-up junkie) loaded her hands up with foundation. So, the next time the girl fell back, she got two LARGE tan coloured hand prints on her back. HA!
oh, man, that's the most fantastic defense of personal space ever, is the make-up one. i should start carrying foundation with me at all times. or a sharpie, because that's useful in a pretty wide variety of ways.

also, i'm going to call someone a WHOREANUS today, whether they deserve it or not.
It's when you find yourself screaming "Hey, what are you looking at?? You're looking at my gut, aren't you! Well, I'm working on it!!" that you need to worry. Regardless, you could still totally use your own quasi-superhero theme song.

Doomtree and Flogging Molly in one week! Damn you!
to this point, i remain unconcerned, although i've been tending to yell 'get off my lawn!' as sort of a catchall 'damn you kids!' sort of phrase lately.

that should maybe worry me, even though i am maintaining my youth via rock shows.
Eh, there's a fine line between Curmudgeon and Middle Aged Man.

If, however, I ever hear you use the phrases "Oh, pshaw" or "those damned punks with their _________" in conversation, I promise to mix you a Citrucel & Vodka with a twist of slap-to-your-head.
this is very true. middle-aged-man is sort of wardrobe-specific for me, where as my inner curmudgeon comes out anytime i'm in a bar full of 21-year-olds.

to date, however, i've only used those phrases in jest. if i start to mean them, look out.