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i am currently mired in the midst of a project involving the most convoluted, poorly-thought-out, sloppily-coded website i've ever encountered, and, lest this sisyphean task bring me down anymore, i am taking a break to mention these ten very good things which have nothing to do with this horrible project:

1. just paid all my bills except for two; one's not due, i found out, 'til after my next paycheck, and the other is having website problems.

2. also found out that my electric bill was -$11.08. hooray for accidentally overpaying because something got weird in the transition between paper and online statements!

3. still have beer money.

4. made intensely kick-ass mushroom-cream sauce last night, involving a great deal of butter, a little white wine, garam masala, cinnamon, garlic, an ass-ton of pepper and did i mention the butter? served it over polenta, but, seriously, you could pour it over old cassette cases and it'd make a great dish.

5. have no real plans for this evening other than somehow taking advantage of the fact that it's ridiculously nice out.

6. have plans tomorrow that involve leaving work early, tailgating, watching the vikings preseason game from free and utterly awesome seats, and then after that getting down to maybe some fairly serious postgame tailgating.

7. have plans the next day involving the purchase of rage against the machine tickets, then brunch, then lounging by the lake, then heading over to irish fair for free flogging molly show.

8. have plans for sunday in which i will wish my parents a happy 41st anniversary and then go eat five tortas and watch soccer.

9. still have a third of a bottle of lagavulin at home, at least some of which i intend to hide in my bloodstream later this evening.

10. never have to hear about brett favre again, at least from fawning local sportswriters.

so, all in all, it's a pretty good day.
Tags: goodthingery, workingman's lament
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