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6,000 words

typing seems like an awful lot of work right now, since i'm doing a whole lot of it for *actual* work, so here's my weekend in six photos ...




(most of those stolen from my ladyfriend, except for the one of the thunder with the copyright bit, and the one from someone who was quite a bit closer to the stage during flogging molly's show.)

(not pictured, by the way: any of the vikings' season-ending knee injuries; the bouncer at the northeast palace who wanted to tell us all about the cops that came to hassle him at his other job; the fabulous trainwrecks -- one wearing shortalls -- at said bar; the incredibly delicious bar pizza at jimmy's; the hurling exhibition at irish fair [hurling, the sport, not hurling, the drunken thing]; the vendor from the ancient order of hibernians who made me take two straws for my lemonade because i was supposed to share with jenni and we're not married; the vast plain of 15-year-old punk rock kids at the flogging molly portion of the show; the taco truck that the thunder thoughtfully provided at their game; either of the two spectacular goals in said game by ricardo 'el perro loco' and/or 'dirty' sanchez; the variety of olympians and twins players that keep keeping us up late at night; or the seven loads of laundry we did yesterday.)

(you're welcome.)
Tags: a thousand words each, summer in minnesota, weekend
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