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so, we've been watching a ton of olympics of late, partly because, y'know, it's interesting and fun and only happens every four years, and partly because the twins keep going into extra innings and keeping us awake anyway.

and, since i've been too busy the last two days -- driving to our other office, meeting, making websites happen as a way of procrastinating fixing the one that i can't figure out -- to come up with much in the way of actual content, here, then, are some intriguing olympic-related links for y'all. as per most of the sports reporting on here, they're a wee bit out of the ordinary, and related at least in part to design, hot girls and the nba.

• if you're not reading deadspin's beijing bureau, you're missing out on some highly excellent reporting from the field. the piece on ticket scalpers, especially, was a good reminder of just what a really weird place the 2008 olympics are.

• and speaking of weird places, north korea, being maybe just a little bit insular and odd, has instead of the olympics something called the mass games, in which thousands upon thousands of athletes and kids do ... well, this. it's hard to explain, but the photo essay is mind-blowing.

• the freedarko guys, as you know, are damn good basketball writers, and they're arguably even better when they stop and talk gymnastics for a while. the thing that made me want to link this:

"Like, when I watch the best basketball players, I think "they're good at basketball" -- when I watch the best gymnasts, I think "these dudes are rocks -- why are they jumping on mats and not working as freelance ninjas?" Basically, I think gymnastics rests in this uncanny valley on the graph of sports ridiculousness right between "so basic that it works" (e.g. track and field) and "so complicated that it works." That and the concept of talking boulders scares me."

• since that's a lot of words, here's some pictures: an interactive gallery of olympic torches. awesome, and odd that it's the 1960 one that i always, always picture when i think of the olympic torch.

• and if that doesn't float your boat, here's a hot paraguayan javelin thrower.


in other news ... well, that's about it. life is good. may your weekend, when it comes, be stellar, and your medals be just gold as hell.
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