A Granite Sack and Legs of Log (cashbox) wrote,
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holy crap, dudes, it's been an entire month since i've typed in this li'l ol' box. this is partly a consequence of getting sort of burnt out on the whole idea of blogging, and partly a consequence of, lately, having to spend way more of my time at work doing actual work. which, on balance, is okay with me, but it does leave perilous little time for, y'know, this sort of thing.

fortunately, i've had plenty of time for much else. in the last month:

• i ate my weight in fried food and experienced political crop art at the state fair.

• i attended the races at elko speedway, which featured school-buses racing in figure eights and a truck towing a camper jumping over a ramp and through another camper, which was precisely as incredibly awesome as it sounds. and about 8000% more awesome than the weird aspiration-to-southern-baptist-redneck vibe of the crowd.

• we escaped the twin cities for a deeply excellent labor day camping weekend and returned only to find it turned, however briefly, into a republican-convention-induced police state. despite this, we got to see atmosphere, mos def and rage against the machine in concert, the latter being one of the best shows i've ever seen in spite of the fact that the street outside was closed off by riot cops.

• i commenced one bowling league, was memorialized by my boys in another, found a house to move to, went to roughly 500 different bars including one with a wall of 100 tequilas, finally stopped spending most of the day sweating thanks to the falling temperatures, and fell off a barrel.

• in addition, the twins gained then lost then gained then lost the al central lead something like six times; the vikings proved that, no matter what, you can always be slightly more disappointing than last week; arsenal lost horribly, won spectacularly, and won even more spectacularly; and the gophers hockey team deigned to sell us tickets for ten games in the next seven months or so, thus adding the hockey countdown to our already exciting moving and going-to-vegas countdowns.

• and, as you may have heard, the entire american economy is falling apart and my favorite author of all time committed suicide, which is just pretty awful all around.

despite this, however, it's been a month full of pretty much all ridiculous awesomeness, as, y'know, they tend to be. and fear not, friends, for i've been reading all y'all's blogeration fairly consistently. and, while work and the aforementioned burnoutish feeling may keep me from daily typing here, i'll be around. (and if you need a more frequent matty cash fix, there's always twitter and the book of face.) consider yourselves warned awesome.
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You forgot "managed to sneak into the lead in Zhym's college pick 'em in just the second week".

Although I'm coming for you, ya almost-in-canadidia-hoser! :D
i haven't looked at this week's results yet, but i have a feeling i gave back a few points worth of lead. :)

and, hey, if the big ten's gonna suck at football, we might as well at least do okay at pick 'em!
Well, you didn't do the best for the week (I did again) but you're still in the lead overall.

This week's overview title: "Week 3: We all suck."
welcome back to The LJ!

BTW, i added you on Twitter...i'm playingleader on there. i resisted twitter for so long...but succumbed to its evil wiles earlier this summer.

and school bus racing sounds awesome...hilariously awesome.
glad you're still alive (despite your fall from a barrel). And the part about your favorite writer is why I fear that my friend the writer will a. find success or b. not find it. I'm convinced he'll kill himself in the end, I hope he'll know he's brilliant before that.