A Granite Sack and Legs of Log (cashbox) wrote,
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what's up?

it's ... i've ... well, it's been a while. like, months. i managed to get myself out of the habit of regular posting, and the more i didn't do so, the more it felt like a ridiculous and sisyphean task to recommence. that, and, to be honest, i kind of got sick of writing.

much has happened in the intervening months; looking at the time/date of my last post, it appears it was made before we even moved into our awesome house, which, holy crap. in the meantime, there's also been some sort of election, and a hell of a lot of hockey games, and even more bars, and a fair amount of rock 'n roll, and weekly bowling, and, in the last week, about eight different christmas-type things, which continue with jenni's family celebration tonight, and then a trip back to south dakota tomorrow for a few days with mom and dad.

in short, though i have not commented, things have basically been the usual level of awesome, if slightly colder. and, with the holidays and the new year and accompanying resolution-ish things happening, 'tis my resolution to start documenting the awesome in a more detailed and potentially entertaining way again. not sure if it'll be here or elsewhere -- the other blogger in our house is in the midst of a torrid affair with wordpress, so i may look in that direction, but, fear not, y'all will be the first to know where to find me. (facebook and twitter are good places to start.)

and now, off to do the three days of work that i've got a day and a half to do pre-holiday. keep on rockin', dudes, and i will see you in the '09.
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Good to see ya, man... and glad that things are going well. I look forward to reading when you start writing again, whenever that might be. :)
good to see you, too! and, fear not, i will be writing a bit more starting very soon. :)
*giggles* I totally considered "nudging" you to post yesterday. Nice to see ya 'round these parts again! :) Happy Holidays!
ha! good timing! hope you had a wonderful holiday.
Congrats on the new house! I facebooked you...
a torrid affair with wordpress?

i guess that makes me a blogging whore...i split my time between livejournal and blogger and wordpress.

and twitter.

and facebook.

and myspace, and linkedin, although i don't write in either of those places...so i guess i'm just a social networking whore.
yeah, between here, twitter and facebook, i'm runnin' around behind the back of the entire internet, basically.
Glad to see that you're still around for the most part. Happy Holidays!
And your house is pretty much ultra amazing! I'm jealous of the kitchenaid mixer.
i love our house a lot! and the kitchenaid, even if the girl is the one that uses it pretty much all the time -- means lots and lots of baked goods for me. :)
I am heartily in favor of a return. Please continue to advise where said return will be.
i figured that might in fact be the case. i'll definitely be able to be found here, too, regardless of where i wind up actually making posts!
It is a Festivus miracle!
and much more exhilarating than even the feats of strength.
Well, whuddaya know?

I've been off LJ for quite a while, myself. Lucky for me, I logged in today ... now I will be sure to look ye up on Fatchbook and Twittar. ;)
that's very handy! (and thanks for finding me elsewhere, too. :))
I've friended you on facebook, flickr, AND twitter so we're pretty much internet buds everywhere.

btw, your house is GORGEOUS beyond WORDS! I love you and your wife's style. Awesomeness!
awesome. good to see you around again, too!

and, though we're still actually living in sin, i do love our house a hell of a lot. thanks for the kind words! :)
Golly, welcome back! (Yep, that's more Dad Humor, but you knew that intrinsically.) Your house photos are ridiculous. I'm so jealous. I don't even have a dishwasher or a temperature gave for my oven or a yard or a hot redhead installed or ANY OF THAT COOL STUFF.

The internets have missed you. They told me so. I speak on their behalf. :D

I trust you're having a fabulous xmas?
i do indeed have a pretty good sense of dad humor, especially after five days with my own pun-inclined pops. also, i love our house, including the yard and the grill and the dishwasher and the hot redhead. (the last bit's my favorite.)

the chief problem is that it's not in south america, so you've got that over me.

also, i missed the internets as well. about damn time for a triumphant return, post-excellent-xmas. hope yours was wonderful, m'dear.
Moar updating of the awesomeness in '09, plz!

By the way, I've spent many o' sleepless nights pulling my hair out trying to get wordpress to cooperate as to set up an awesome site like your woman's. I'm almost there myself... but will still be posting to LJ also.
it is my solemn duty to create more awesome on the internet.

and that's what i'm thinking of doing, sleepless nights and all -- post over there, and xpost and/or put the dumb fun stuff over here.