A Granite Sack and Legs of Log (cashbox) wrote,
A Granite Sack and Legs of Log



what's up?

it's ... i've ... well, it's been a while. like, months. i managed to get myself out of the habit of regular posting, and the more i didn't do so, the more it felt like a ridiculous and sisyphean task to recommence. that, and, to be honest, i kind of got sick of writing.

much has happened in the intervening months; looking at the time/date of my last post, it appears it was made before we even moved into our awesome house, which, holy crap. in the meantime, there's also been some sort of election, and a hell of a lot of hockey games, and even more bars, and a fair amount of rock 'n roll, and weekly bowling, and, in the last week, about eight different christmas-type things, which continue with jenni's family celebration tonight, and then a trip back to south dakota tomorrow for a few days with mom and dad.

in short, though i have not commented, things have basically been the usual level of awesome, if slightly colder. and, with the holidays and the new year and accompanying resolution-ish things happening, 'tis my resolution to start documenting the awesome in a more detailed and potentially entertaining way again. not sure if it'll be here or elsewhere -- the other blogger in our house is in the midst of a torrid affair with wordpress, so i may look in that direction, but, fear not, y'all will be the first to know where to find me. (facebook and twitter are good places to start.)

and now, off to do the three days of work that i've got a day and a half to do pre-holiday. keep on rockin', dudes, and i will see you in the '09.
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