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you got a date wednesday, baby

i'm hearing rumors that we've started an entirely new year. or we did a week or so ago, is what they tell me. i would have made my first '09 post already, except the fog of hangover from new year's eve is only just now starting to lift, after applying a long weekend and roughly 450,000 cups of coffee to it.

(every year, i should just make my new year's resolution 'drink an absolute metric fuckton of coffee for a week while i get used to work again', since that one, i never break.)

anyhow, my projection of more awesome for 2009 is bearing up pretty well, a week in, owing to everything from a gopher hockey sweep to making fresh salsa to swing dancing at the northeast palace to last night's adventure: hitting up the parkway for the first showing in their coen brothers series. it was, of course, the big lebowski and, while, between jenni and i we've seen the movie so many times we could recite it verbatim with our heads cut off, there was something just more excellent than usual about seeing it on a big screen, seated on a couch, with a white russian in hand.

and the parkway? they make a hell of a caucasian, jackie.

in an extra bonus, i have two nights of bowling coming up later this week, and, if it wasn't so fucking cold, i'd break out my walter sobchak costume from halloween for one of them. as it stands, though, i will merely have to take walter and the dude's magical run to the semifinals as inspiration for my own throwin' of rocks. that, and a lot of kahlua.

p.s. happy cüddlenacht!
Tags: abiding, happy new year
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every year, i should just make my new year's resolution 'drink an absolute metric fuckton of coffee for a week while i get used to work again', since that one, i never break.

if i still made resolutions, i'd resolve this. because, yes, i'd never break it...in fact, i still haven't recovered from new year's either, and i'm drinking coffee right now.
yeah, i don't tend to do actual resolutions, just the retroactive kind. if i find myself getting into a habit that roughly coincides with the calendar change? bam. it was a resolution all along.
hey stranger!
good to know all's well with you - i'm ignoring the coffee resolution though - being knocked up hasn't put too many crimps in my lifestyle, but i do SO miss drinking my weight in cawfee on a daily basis. even more than i miss cocktails. uh-huh, really.
yeah, i've heard more than once that kicking the delicious caffeine juice is the hardest thing about knocked-up-lifestyle-changing. good for you, managing it, even if you're left half-asleep. :)

glad you're well, m'dear.
hey. The Wolves started 2009 well. I covered their win over Milwaukee. 5 in a row even though it's over the Thunder, Grizzlies, Warriors, Bulls, and Bucks.
yeah, i appreciate that they're actually managing to put things together against the teams that they 'should' beat. i still refuse to believe mchale is the answer on the bench, but, man, it's hard to argue with the results he's gotten thus far.

as for the topical comment: i'm a sucker for just about everything coen brothers, but, damn, 'blood simple' is fantastic. i dug 'burn after reading,' too, even if it wasn't quite as lebowski-esque as i'd hoped.
blood simple is the best coen bros movie. I'm about to watch burn after reading right now though