A Granite Sack and Legs of Log (cashbox) wrote,
A Granite Sack and Legs of Log



I'm Matt.

Remember me?

I'm a little balder now since my last post, no joke, but I am equally awesome.

And -- and! -- I have now migrated my bloggery over to a real live website. Y'all can keep up with me at noslowallgo.com, or via the handy lj feed I rolled for said site: noslowallgo

Keep on keepin' on. Hope to see y'all over on my corner of the internets.
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May 9 2009, 06:40:12 UTC 8 years ago

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I am all over this LJ feed of yours. Bring on the food, booze and women old dayz style! :)
I am all over this LJ feed of yours. Bring on the food, booze and women old dayz style! :)
Duuuuude! I just re-popped on LJ a week ago and checked in to see if you'd posted recently. Nice to see you are still dwelling.
hey fella, it's Lin/darlin_sane... i had to make a new journal. add me! <3
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MOSCOW, March 27 (RIA Novosti)

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