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My last post was like 8 years ago. Now I live in Key West and am at Senor Frogs. Is this a good idea? Eh. How are y'all?
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Howdy! How's Key West treating you?

I moved from St. Paul in 2006 and now am in Yankton, the Mother City of the Dakotas. Woo hoo!
Hey there! Things are good here. Just getting moved into our new house, which involves a lot of sweat (but seems to be worth it!)

Hooray Yankton! A town I like very much.
I went to the Keys last winter and now every time I see Jenni post a photo I want to immediately fly back.
About five years of that exact feeling is pretty much why we moved here. :) So far so good, even in the heat of summer!
It's pretty lonely here. hahaha Hi!
It's still one of the better corners of the internet, I think. Hi!